Dr. Maiorino has provided excellent care and is skilled in a variety of effective techniques, effortlessly adapting treatment methods to target the specific need. He is professional, thorough, straight-forward, down-to-earth, kind, compassionate, humble, caring, and a good listener. Appointments are always a pleasant experience. He is an advocate of good posture, and has provided me with a number of exercises which are helpful and fun. I am very grateful to have benefited from his efforts, and recommended him to others at every suitable opportunity! Andrea M.

Dr. Mike and this product with the acoustic wave has absolutely been the best treatment I’ve ever had in my life on my Achilles tendon done about seven sessions with Dr. Mike and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. I’ve had to PRP injections by Emory University and at the end of the day this is the best treatment I have ever had!

As first-timer to see any chiropractor, thought that I would give Structural Based Therapy a chance given the great review and cleanliness. I had spine surgery few years ago, and Dr. Maiorino was informative and able to detect the muscle misalignment during the initial consultation. Treatment was following up and I really appreciated the two-way conversation that he maintained throughout the session. Highly recommend! Elizabeth W.

Dr. M was awesome! Used techniques I have never seen in my years of chiropractic care! Massage therapist was awesome at his practice also! If I still lived in the area I would still be visiting frequently! Kim P.

Doctor M was amazing! My daughter benefited from the hyperbaric chamber and his adjustment. Thank you so much! We will be back again soon! Chooch C.

Leslie was great. Nice strong pressure, very relaxing, she knows the pressure points and how to work them out. Louise H.

Dr. Maiorino was fantastic. I’ve received chiro care for 26 years all around the country. I moved here two years ago from the West Coast. I’ve tried three different chiropractors in the area over the last two years and Dr. Maiorino is the very first one I’ve come across that really knows what he’s doing. He is very hands on, a really good listener, and is very thorough. His adjustments are wonderful. I always leave is office feeling renewed and balanced. I highly recommend him!! Gina C.

Doctor Mike has been so spot on in helping me with my back and neck issues. I have been to a few Chiropractors and I must give Doctor Mike an excellent rating. Not only is he caring and takes the time to listen, he is an overall professional and good guy. creblue2

Dr Maiorino is awsome; i would recommend him to anybody. He is professionnal but ‘down to earth’. I never wait when i have an apointment with him. He is nice and very knowledgeable.5 stars for Dr Maiorino! Gaby Bertera Burdett

Dr. Maiorino is amazing. He listens to whatever problems I’m having each time that I come in and addresses them right away! I’ve been working with small kids for 8+ years which has really took a toll on my back and in less than a month I’m …Araceli Yun

Dr. Maiorino is Great!! He helped fix all the issues that I’ve been having in my back for years. Sandra Carbone

Dr. Malorino is one of the very best chiropractors that has ever helped me. My profession has necessitated the use of many chiropractors over the last 30 years and I am very grateful for the treatments and the results that I have received. Dr Malorino’s Experience and skill sets is truly remarkable. Tim Goodnow

Dr. Michael is a Listening doctor. He attack where you are having pains head-on. He speaks with you while carrying out the therapy on you. I have attended three process, and I have seen great improvement from the areas I was having pains. I recommend Mr. Michael( Structural Based Therapy). Ayinde Aji

Dr. Michael Maiorino is amazing! Went for back pain after traveling and without any x-rays he was able to assess the issue and start treating it right away with wonderful results. Scheduling appointments is always a breeze, Dr. Maiorino is … Adriana Bibbs

Dr. Mike is excellent. He takes the time to listen to what your symptoms are so he knows how to make the correct adjustment. He uses heat and stem to loosen the muscles before the adjustment. I always recommend him to my patients where I work. Susana Neris
I came to Dr Mike for my chronic left knee and shin pain . I was at a pain level of 10. I had already visited my orthopedic surgeon, and he gave me a cortisone shot 3 weeks prior along with anti inflammatory meds I was looking for any …

I felt the improvements from my first visit with Dr. Michael. I’ve never had to wait and I’m seen at the set appointment time. Highly recommend him! Andrea Leddy

I found Dr. Maiorino to help a close family member suffering from long-term, I’m going back and neck discomfort. Dr. Maiorino was attentive and produce notable results after the first treatment I’ve tried other practices, so I know for a fact that Dr. Maiorino produced the results we desperately need it. I highly recommend him. Mary Swims

I had chronic knee pain for over a year. After an x-ray by my doctor revealed there was nothing visibly wrong with my knee, I began looking for other solutions to find relief. I heard about Acoustic Wave Therapy and decided to give it a …Kendall Taylor

I have been to many chiropractors over the years, as I’ve had scoliosis since I was a child. This year I started seeing Dr. Mike and it has made a positive difference in my pain level. He spends time each appt. asking how I feel and … Halley G
I have tennis elbows for about 2 years now. Some days are better than others. I enjoyed weight lifting, which is why I have tennis elbows, I was at the point where I couldn’t raise 7.5 pds. I saw this ad on Facebook & decided to give it a …

I see dr. Michael at the new midtown location. It’s really convenient and parking is free! The office is very nice and quiet. It’s a private room so I have individual attention. He really takes his time with me and listens to my concerns. …Rob Reeves

I would leave zero however I must leave at least one star in order to put my comment in. I have multiple sclerosis however he contends I have perfect range of motion therefore he’s either a blatant liar or the most incompetent doctor around. 🤥 Afssaneh Navabi

I’ve been seeing Dr. Mike for the past 5+ years, I have back problems, pulled some muscles (in and out) and in my case he always works magic. One time, I hurt my back and could barely walk straight, he did his magic and I walked out of his … Eric Berryman

I’ve been working in the food and beverage industry for almost 10 years & I’ve always had tension from my shoulders all the way to my lower back. There was a constant strain and pain on one particular side of my neck. I felt instant relief … Carolyn Giresi

I’m a recent new patient, and it’s been a great experience with Dr. Maiorino every time I go into the office. He’s super amiable, passes no judgment, and provides instant relief for my lower back pain with a combination of different therapies. Conveniently located and really easy to schedule appointments with. Michael Hopkins

I’m in and out but still have a warm experience when I’m there. I was given an exercise to do at home that’s made all the difference and I know I made a great choice going to them to be 100% again so I really look forward to my appointments. Thank you Mike! Angie Reed

Keeps me moving. Best dr we’ve found. Finds the trouble spot every time . Takes great care of us Denise Fernandez

Mike is the chiropractor who fixed my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, TOS. Most healthcare providers, including doctors, wanted to medicate me, or didn’t know what was causing the symptoms. Mike fixed it with heat, electro-stim, stretches and sound wave technology. Very good for sports related issues. thanx Mike. Cindy Ng

My first visit with Dr. Mike was an emergency crisis visit a day before the holidays. It was after hours and he made arrangements to come into the office for me. That has always left an impression with what a great doctor he is. I have … Liz Harnisch

So glad to help, you are going to do great after finishing the treatment protocols. I can’t wait to see the results. Thanks for the kind words. Tom Talen

Thank goodness for Dr. Maiorino! For years I had been suffering with neck and back pain and my regular physician would only prescribe pain killers and muscle relaxers and/or physical therapy. Nothing worked and the medicine just made me … Barbara Lake

Very professional, been there a few months , my back feel much better every time I go Helen Blumberg

Wonderful experience – I had tightness in my lumbar and upper shoulder and it was fixed immediately. Strongly recommend if you are feeling pain and need relief. Amy W.

I have been seeing Dr Maiorino for many years. I have used chiro since i was five. I can honestly say he’s one of the best. He is totally patient centered – he takes time to understand your needs. He’s a great listener and practitioner. He is honest, hard working and a great partner in my overall care. I highly recommend him. Gina C.

Always leave feeling refreshed and especially like getting my neck clicked!! Mike is always on point with advice with my ongoing treatment. Christopher M.